Private Heritage


A family’s identity is captured and conserved in its wealth, in both its tangible and intangible components. Promemoria Family was created to unlock the value of that identity, through its key partnership with Tosetti Value, a leading Multi-Family Office in Europe.

A union that brings together excellence in estate management with expert experience in heritage projects, for turnkey solutions built on all-round method.

Promemoria Family works to give families an overview of their estate and collections and guaranteed financial control through economic reports, and to create effective digital caveaus and efficient traditional archives on which targeted projects and advisory can then be built (communications, preservation, specific economic valuations).

The goal is to help families see the bigger picture of their wealth, appreciate the legacy that is in their hands, and enjoy the peace of mind of being able to rely on a value-added network of expert professionals.


Every family finds it has a special emotional attachment to certain assets and collections in its estate, an attachment that adds to their historical and material value. These are what we call passion assets. The task of Promemoria Family is to create appropriate ways and means of estimating the true worth of those assets in all their complexity, combining their tangible and intangible value. The key to doing so is to start with the family archive, bearing witness to an identity, generational history, and estate made of assets, stories, and passions.

We have developed a special methodology for professional wealth management, underpinned by a consolidated team of professionals working with expert authorities in the fields of: art works, watches, jewellery and gemstones, silverware and pottery, furniture and carpets, wine, vintage cars, fashion, and rare books.


Anyone can leave a trace, but not everyone makes a mark. Talent assets are physical objects that tell the story of the talent and success achieved over a career in sport or show business. They include memorabilia, photographs, press coverage, sponsorships, documents, and mementos and testimonials of events and philanthropic activities.

These are strategic assets for marketing and promotional purposes, which can be leveraged for social media campaigns, exhibitions and publications, docuseries, and much more, which is why it is essential to collect and organize them systematically for their protection and optimal use.
In order to piece together a complete and detailed picture, every project starts with the collection and digitization of materials, their systematic organization according to conceptual maps, and their transfer to a tailor-made private digital Caveau.


A method for isolating the DNA of major international brands and professional, creative companies, to transform their history and know-how into a resource, an asset at the service of the brand, the company, and stakeholders. 


For institutions and foundations, museums and individuals, libraries and municipalities, Promemoria offers digital tools, specialist expertise, and its unique experience to organize and manage archives and unlock their full value. 


A method targeting passion assets, to piece together a complete picture of personal and family wealth for its efficient organization and management today and tomorrow.