In Promemoria Group, we design customized solutions for tapping into the wealth of history and reactivating the heritage of our clients. Our exclusive and trademarked method - Memories - is what makes us so fast, effective, and reliable.
Memories is the first-ever targeted method for tapping into and unlocking the value of the intellectual capital that corporate heritage represents. The objective of the method is to bring to the surface the intangible assets held by a company through the codification, classification, conservation, and enhancement of know-how and knowledge, transforming them into strategic business assets for all the various divisions of the company, from marketing & communications to F&A, from legal affairs to R&D and real estate.


Memories is a work method that hinges on the three stages of memory: the acquisition and codification of information; the storage and preservation of information over time; and the retrieval and reuse of the information archived.
These three concepts provide the framework for a series of tasks that start with the mapping and analysis of all the tangible and intangible assets held by a company (acquisition/codification). That map then forms the blueprint for the transfer of contents into a digital platform (preservation) and initiatives to unlock their value (retrieval/reuse).
Think of heritage capital as a tree, a wood, or a forest. Its true value does not lie in its capacity to produce timber or oxygen. Its real value is given by the investments and time that would be needed to recreate that same place, that same wood, that same story.


The first step involves the selection and detailed interpretive analysis of contents and the prioritizing of actions for the protection of the materials. These activities enable the classification of all the contents viewed.
An expert team then works on the digital acquisition of the materials to transfer them on the platform, a space designed for the protection, reactivation, and sharing of the client’s know-how.

From the planning of the project to its full delivery and the promotion of the outcome, Promemoria Group can take charge of all stages of a project or work as a partner at each and every step. Either way, every project we work on shines a new light on history, opening up new perspectives on memory.
In other words, where others see the past, we see the future.


To keep up with our initiatives, discover case studies, innovations, projects, publications and more. For insights into how archives can become competitive tools that can transform the past into an extraordinary resource for the present.

Promemoria Group

Since 2011, Promemoria Group has been a reference in the world of heritage, historical archives and their valorization. We are in charge of recovering, preserving and organizing the history of more than 250 major companies and institutions, but also of telling and enhancing it in all possible ways. Our goal is to transform archival material into a strategic asset that can make a company's heritage a competitive tool.

At Promemoria Group we are humanists with a passion for science, and scientists with a humanistic spirit. Our work combines skills and visions, providing unique and authentic perspectives to archives and new value to history, objects, and knowledge.

We have a unique and patented method for researching, selecting, and organizing a company’s tangible and intangible heritage: Memories. A perfect synthesis of past and future that offers unprecedented strategies and tools capable of producing an archive of meaning, knowledge, content, and experience. The goal of Memories is to bring out a company’s heritage by codifying, classifying, preserving and enhancing knowledge, transforming it into economic and strategic assets.

ARCHIVIO, Archivissima and Legend are the ways in which Promemoria Group enhances heritage, showing the extraordinary content of archives through a contemporary lens. Whether through a magazine that changes editors every four issues, a national festival with a unique format in Europe, or a B2B event that investigates how a brand can cross time and become a legend.