Promemoria Group

Promemoria works to salvage, digitize, protect and reactivate tangible and intangible heritage capital. Combining experience and method with a firm grounding in the humanities and proprietary technologies, we transform archives from preservation facilities into strategic and measurable assets.


A method for isolating the DNA of major international brands and professional, creative companies, to transform their history and know-how into a resource, an asset at the service of the brand, the company, and stakeholders. 


For institutions and foundations, museums and individuals, libraries and municipalities, Promemoria offers digital tools, specialist expertise, and its unique experience to organize and manage archives and unlock their full value. 


A method targeting passion assets, to piece together a complete picture of personal and family wealth for its efficient organization and management today and tomorrow.


Promemoria vaunts a portfolio of over two hundred clients, featuring major international brands, fashion houses, big corporate names, and the best of Italy’s manufacturing excellence, as well as national cultural institutions of great prestige. Every year it manages more than five million digital assets in the fashion & luxury sector and more than six million digital assets in goods & services sectors.