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Thank you for your interest. Follow us on LinkedIn to find information on job vacancies—or send us an unsolicited application with your resumé.
If you wish to send an unsolicited application, bear in mind that we are organized more or less into five teams and our employees each belong to only one team: Account & Project Management; Digitization & Cataloguing; Research & Data Quality; Technology & Development; Content Curation; plus, of course, Management & Administration.

To join our team, write to

Your contact information and resumé will be stored by us in accordance with data protection rules. When a new position becomes vacant, we first check for matches among the resumés we have received, before posting the job notice online.

Here’s a tip. Carefully prepare your cover letter and add links or attachments showing evidence of your experience. Take your time, but remember that, unfortunately, we often do not have much time, so please be brief in stating the main reasons why you believe you would like to work for us and indicate the team that your skills would suit best. Once you have done that, feel free to provide a few details about your education and experience. Thanks for your cooperation.