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Archivissima is the first and only festival to celebrate archives. First held in 2018, the festival has grown around the success of Archives Night, a format created by Promemoria Group two years earlier that opened the doors to major archives in Turin for a night, to unlock their secrets through the voices of high-profile writers, journalists, and artists.
The aim of the festival is to draw new audiences into the world of archives, engaging them each year in the exploration of a new and different theme. Encounters, talks, shows, concerts, screenings, performances, direct streaming, workshops, an exhibition, and a conference are the compelling ingredients that have secured the stunning success of the festival, a one of its kind on the European stage, also thanks to major partnerships and the support of the Italian Ministry of Culture, the Directorate General for Archives, and ANAI, the Italian National Archives and Records Association.
The beating heart of Archivissima nevertheless remains Archives Night, which in 2020 became a nationwide event featuring around 400 public and private archives from all of Italy’s regions. For one night, archives throughout the country tell their stories through live and streamed events, and through podcasts and specially produced videos.
The materials produced by the participating archives and recordings of festival events remain accessible even after the curtains close in Archivissima’s huge digital archive, adding another piece every year to the extraordinary picture the festival provides of Italy’s cultural heritage and of the ability of its custodians to convey its richness in innovative ways.
The festival is organized by the cultural association Archivissima, with the support of Promemoria Group.

Our Legacy


Promemoria Group's publishing project to oxygenate ideas and experiment with new curatorships of archival content: a magazine of unpublished and exclusive interviews, distributed from New York to Hong Kong, from the MET to the Centre Pompidou.


The first and only festival dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of archival content, founded on the contamination of languages and formats, and grown around the famous Archives Night, which involved more than 400 archives in the last edition.


The exclusive b2b event conceived and organized by Promemoria Group to research, study, discuss and celebrate the paths that determine the transformation of a brand into a legend. Accessible by invitation only.

Promemoria Group

Since 2011, Promemoria Group has been a reference in the world of heritage, historical archives and their valorization. We are in charge of recovering, preserving and organizing the history of more than 250 major companies and institutions, but also of telling and enhancing it in all possible ways. Our goal is to transform archival material into a strategic asset that can make a company's heritage a competitive tool.

At Promemoria Group we are humanists with a passion for science, and scientists with a humanistic spirit. Our work combines skills and visions, providing unique and authentic perspectives to archives and new value to history, objects, and knowledge.

We have a unique and patented method for researching, selecting, and organizing a company’s tangible and intangible heritage: Memories. A perfect synthesis of past and future that offers unprecedented strategies and tools capable of producing an archive of meaning, knowledge, content, and experience. The goal of Memories is to bring out a company’s heritage by codifying, classifying, preserving and enhancing knowledge, transforming it into economic and strategic assets.

ARCHIVIO, Archivissima and Legend are the ways in which Promemoria Group enhances heritage, showing the extraordinary content of archives through a contemporary lens. Whether through a magazine that changes editors every four issues, a national festival with a unique format in Europe, or a B2B event that investigates how a brand can cross time and become a legend.