Legend is an exclusive b2b event, held annually, conceived and organized by Promemoria Group to research, study, discuss and celebrate the paths that determine the transformation of a brand into a Legend. A special event, accessible by invitation only.
How do you become a Legend? How can you plan a legendary future?
Legend is dedicated to managers, c-levels, entrepreneurs, experts and visionaries. The goal is to get a fresh perspective on the present, deciphering its signs and trying to hold history and vision together so that we can build the future. Inspiration comes from some of the people we consider the best in their field, from the stories of success of important Made in Italy brands. Legend is a moment of reflection and exchange of ideas that questions the visions, values and challenges of legendary companies. Between past, present and future.

The 2019 and 2021 editions have been realized in collaboration with Lavazza.


Strategies for time travelers
24 November 2023 | Gallerie d'Italia-Torino, Torino

At Legend23 we shared some great ideas that can change the way we do, and think about, business. This year we did not deal with classic discourses on heritage and brands, but touched on new topics, with speakers who brought fresh and innovative stimuli and questions. We opened up paths that gave a new posture to business and heritage, insisting on the value that awareness of one's past has for designing effective and sustainable long-term strategies. The focus was one: the idea that the antithesis of the future is not the past, but the obsession with the present.

The round table discussion with Anna Ferrino and Nicola Maccanico was followed by an inspirational session by Architect Michele De Lucchi: a speech centred on his work that fitted perfectly into the reflection between present and future, exploring the role of the past as a lever to return to a deeper horizon.


Match with a Legend. Training talents to turn them into legends
19 November 2021 | Nuvola Lavazza, Torino

A day of discussion inspired by the parallels and values between business and sport, on the occasion of the Nitto ATP Finals, of which Lavazza has been Platinum Partner, and of the XX Settimana della Cultura d’Impresa. Legend21 investigated the paths that determine how to be and become a legend. Referee Mario Calabresi.


Historical and legendary enterprises between creativity, innovation and commitment
7-8-9 June 2019 | Nuvola Lavazza, Torino

Three days of discussion, meetings, and ideas to study and celebrate the pathways that lead a brand to become a legend, bringing together exceptional business ambassadors, opinion leaders, experts, and visionaries to discuss what makes a brand legendary. Organized around four panels, representing the cardinal points of the event—product, heritage, innovation—Legend19 set the stage for the first-ever manifesto of legendary brands.
In 2019, Legend saw the participation of Lavazza, Campari, Ferragamo, IBM, Swatch, Satispay, Ferrero, and many others.

Our Legacy


Promemoria Group's publishing project to oxygenate ideas and experiment with new curatorships of archival content: a magazine of unpublished and exclusive interviews, distributed from New York to Hong Kong, from the MET to the Centre Pompidou.


The first and only festival dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of archival content, founded on the contamination of languages and formats, and grown around the famous Archives Night, which involved more than 400 archives in the last edition.


The exclusive b2b event conceived and organized by Promemoria Group to research, study, discuss and celebrate the paths that determine the transformation of a brand into a legend. Accessible by invitation only.

Promemoria Group

Since 2011, Promemoria Group has been a reference in the world of heritage, historical archives and their valorization. We are in charge of recovering, preserving and organizing the history of more than 250 major companies and institutions, but also of telling and enhancing it in all possible ways. Our goal is to transform archival material into a strategic asset that can make a company's heritage a competitive tool.

At Promemoria Group we are humanists with a passion for science, and scientists with a humanistic spirit. Our work combines skills and visions, providing unique and authentic perspectives to archives and new value to history, objects, and knowledge.

We have a unique and patented method for researching, selecting, and organizing a company’s tangible and intangible heritage: Memories. A perfect synthesis of past and future that offers unprecedented strategies and tools capable of producing an archive of meaning, knowledge, content, and experience. The goal of Memories is to bring out a company’s heritage by codifying, classifying, preserving and enhancing knowledge, transforming it into economic and strategic assets.

ARCHIVIO, Archivissima and Legend are the ways in which Promemoria Group enhances heritage, showing the extraordinary content of archives through a contemporary lens. Whether through a magazine that changes editors every four issues, a national festival with a unique format in Europe, or a B2B event that investigates how a brand can cross time and become a legend.