ARCHIVIO is the magazine conceived and published by Promemoria Group, which promotes archival culture with contemporary sensibility. Since its founding in 2017, it has been bringing previously unpublished archival content to shelves around the world through cyclically renewed curatorial work.
Distributed on 3 continents, in bookstores, museum bookshops, galleries, concept stores in different countries. 9 collector's issues (4 of which are already sold-out), two completed publishing cycles and one just started. All enhanced by collaboration with the best professionals on the international cultural scene, and a total of more than 150 archives explored.


As the world moves forward, archives become broader, richer, more articulate-they are constantly changing. Hence the need for Promemoria to build around ARCHIVIO editorial cycles consisting of four issues each, through which to explore this constantly evolving subject. A new look, new editorial board, and new format to reflect the change in structure, objective, and perspective.


ARCHIVIO is an independently published magazine of international scope, printed as a limited edition entirely on Fedrigoni paper. The first four issues of the magazine quickly sold out, thanks to The Crime and Power Issue’s winning of the 2018 Stack Award for the Best Use of Photography.

Each person is a memory

We have involved prestigious signatures through unpublished contributions and the publication of original archival materials. Writers and authors, artists and artists, designers, archivists and archivists, internationally renowned photographers and photographers have made the pages of ARCHIVIO unique, always finding new interpretations and perspectives, making the experience of the magazine a corridor that can connect the past and our present experience, and perhaps even the future.
Among them Letizia Battaglia, Giorgio Armani, 2001 Nobel Prize for literature Gao Xingjian, artists Nathalie Du Pasquier and Lucia Pescador, Mimmo Jodice, Oscar winner Dante Ferretti, Dacia Maraini, Valerio Millefoglie, Marta Sironi, Giorgio Vasta, Emmanuela Carbé and Sabrina Ragucci, Enrico Deaglio, Andrea Pinotti, Catherine Dunne, Bruce Sterling, John Foot, Carlo Ginzburg, Valerio Magrelli, Folco Quilici, Dino Buzzati, Paolo Rumiz, Carla Sozzani, Olivier Saillard, Andrew Bolton.
With incursions into the archival holdings of Swatch, Museo del Cinema di Torino, Olivetti, TIM, Archives Nationales de France, Fondazione Fiera Milano, Politecnico di Torino, Cassero LGBT Center, Fondazione Arnoldo e Alberto Mondadori, Fondazione Corriere della Sera, La Triennale di Milano, and into some of the world's most important fashion archives, Dior, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent, to name a few.


A new editorial cycle, a new team, a new vision. The first of these, N°9, is The Fashion Issue, an issue entirely dedicated to fashion archives with the aim of telling the wonders and stories they contain. Divided into three sections "Public & Institutional," "Brands & Strategies," and "Private & Personal."
The Fashion Issue is curated by Stefano Tonchi - curator and journalist in the fashion field - as Guest Editor-in-Chief; joined by Marco Pecorari - scholar and Program Director of the MA in Fashion Studies at Parsons in Paris; editorial direction is by Daniela Hamaui, while art direction is by Alessandro Gori. For the cover, we asked artist Francesco Vezzoli to create a portfolio that would put fashion archives in dialogue with pop culture. This issue of ARCHIVIO also features a special poster: a (in)complete mapping of the countless fashion archives in Italy. A research by Promemoria Group visually processed by Accurat. The result is a map that is also a small work of art.


ARCHIVIO vaunts a readership of over twenty thousand people across three continents, a community uniting different countries across Europe, America, and Asia, thanks to partnerships with Frab's Magazine & More, Les Presses Du Réel, Antenne Books, RA & OLLY LTD.

There're many independent book shops, museum stores, and art galleries which distribute the magazine, including Contemporary Cluster in Rome, Verso Libri in Milan, Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum in Amsterdam and Kubrik Bookshop in Hong Kong.

Our Legacy


Promemoria Group's publishing project to oxygenate ideas and experiment with new curatorships of archival content: a magazine of unpublished and exclusive interviews, distributed from New York to Hong Kong, from the MET to the Centre Pompidou.


The first and only festival dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of archival content, founded on the contamination of languages and formats, and grown around the famous Archives Night, which involved more than 400 archives in the last edition.


The exclusive b2b event conceived and organized by Promemoria Group to research, study, discuss and celebrate the paths that determine the transformation of a brand into a legend. Accessible by invitation only.

Promemoria Group

Since 2011, Promemoria Group has been a reference in the world of heritage, historical archives and their valorization. We are in charge of recovering, preserving and organizing the history of more than 250 major companies and institutions, but also of telling and enhancing it in all possible ways. Our goal is to transform archival material into a strategic asset that can make a company's heritage a competitive tool.

At Promemoria Group we are humanists with a passion for science, and scientists with a humanistic spirit. Our work combines skills and visions, providing unique and authentic perspectives to archives and new value to history, objects, and knowledge.

We have a unique and patented method for researching, selecting, and organizing a company’s tangible and intangible heritage: Memories. A perfect synthesis of past and future that offers unprecedented strategies and tools capable of producing an archive of meaning, knowledge, content, and experience. The goal of Memories is to bring out a company’s heritage by codifying, classifying, preserving and enhancing knowledge, transforming it into economic and strategic assets.

ARCHIVIO, Archivissima and Legend are the ways in which Promemoria Group enhances heritage, showing the extraordinary content of archives through a contemporary lens. Whether through a magazine that changes editors every four issues, a national festival with a unique format in Europe, or a B2B event that investigates how a brand can cross time and become a legend.