How long would it take to reproduce the intangible heritage of a company, an institution, or a private collection? What is the value of the history, know-how, human capital, and information capital built up and sedimented over time? What are the best strategies for tapping into, protecting, and capitalizing on that complex of assets which together form the heritage in our hands today?

We are the only Italian organization specialized in salvaging, preserving, and unlocking the value of the documentary heritage stored in large companies, institutions, and collections. We are humanists with a technological mindset and computer scientists with a passion for culture, forever on the look out for new inputs and new languages.


Since 2011, our work has focused on tapping into the store of wealth that lies in documentary heritage by using innovative digital tools to salvage historical archives from the dust and create documentary ecosystems able to convey the past, connect with the present, and reach out to the future. Our method combines academic rigour with an original, creative approach that opens up unique and authentic perspectives to appreciate heritage as never before.

Our conception of heritage weaves together memory (the past) and vision (the future) into a key that unlocks the secret of the success of legendary brands and products. Our core business lies in the protection of all the tangible and intangible assets that enable an organization to preserve, consolidate, and leverage its identity over time.

Porta Bava

Torino, corso Vittorio Emanuele II 44

Working with memory requires inspiration, a spark in the mind’s eye. That is why we have chosen a fabulous historic building in the heart of Turin as our home, where echoes of the history of Martini & Rossi still resound. The main entrance is located on what was originally known as the “Corso del Re,” renamed Corso Vittorio Emanuele II in 1882, a tree-lined avenue that runs in the same direction as the cardus maximus of the ancient Roman town of Taurinorum. At number 44, past the elegant portico, lies the gardens of a typical suburban villa, the Palazzina Porta Bava, designed in neoclassical style by Gaetano Lombardi in 1825.


At Promemoria, we design customized solutions for tapping into the wealth of history and reactivating the heritage of our clients. Our exclusive and consolidated method is what makes us so fast, effective, and extremely reliable—the international prestige of the companies we work with is the best guarantee we can offer.

Our experience encompasses the creation of corporate and brand heritage departments and the optimization of documentary flows to turn archival assets into a daily operational tool for marketing and communication, for brand heritage initiatives and R&D, for shareholder and stakeholder positioning and employer branding, and for CSR purposes. We broaden the perspective by transforming anniversaries into investments for the future by designing and creating unique exhibition content and experiences that build on the golden braid of memory and vision.

For cultural institutions, we provide integrated technologies for archives, libraries, and museums and specialist services such as fund-raising plans, online and offline content promotion projects, and advisory and assistance in engaging communities and the local area in their growth, while keeping content at the centre of their universe. We also organize training programmes and curate exhibition galleries and shows.

From the planning of the project to its full delivery and the promotion of the outcome, Promemoria can take charge of all stages of a project or work as a partner at each and every step. Either way, every project we work on shines a new light on history, opening up new perspectives on memory.

In other words, where others see the past, we see the future.


The value added by Promemoria lies in our people. With a forty-strong team of specialists in the various fields of heritage management and cultural heritage development, we offer our clients the benefits of a wide range of skills and the unique ability to coordinate them on integrated projects for outstanding results.

The team can count on the input of leading professionals with specific expertise, including senior project and digital managers, researchers and historians, content curators and archivists, information architects, conservation architects and restorers, digital acquisition experts, web designers and developers, system designers, and video makers and copywriters. Together they form a highly-skilled and motivated team that draws its strength from a commitment to research and sensibility for design, a passion for technology and careful attention to detail, and its diligence in keeping to budget and time constraints.

Together they form a highly-skilled and motivated team that draws its strength from a commitment to research and sensibility for design, a passion for technology and careful attention to detail, and its diligence in keeping to budget and time constraints.


A method for isolating the DNA of major international brands and professional, creative companies, to transform their history and know-how into a resource, an asset at the service of the brand, the company, and stakeholders. 


For institutions and foundations, museums and individuals, libraries and municipalities, Promemoria offers digital tools, specialist expertise, and its unique experience to organize and manage archives and unlock their full value. 


A method targeting passion assets, to piece together a complete picture of personal and family wealth for its efficient organization and management today and tomorrow.