Promemoria helps public bodies and institutions unlock the value of their historical archives through Archiui, a digital platform supported by the best open-source solutions available.

Heritage is the key to understanding how the past and future interconnect. That is why the archives of a public institution are a legacy to be preserved — to keep history alive and to tap into the wealth they store, transforming knowledge into a driver of growth and progress.

Through digital projects, theme portals, and archive networks, Promemoria works to preserve the concept of historical archive, to analyze it and reinterpret it through new visions and perspectives. All our work — from the inventory and classification of objects to the promotion of historical archives — is performed in accordance with a Convention with the Directorate General for Archives (DGA) governing the use of Archiui software, which Promemoria has customized for the description and publication of archives.


  • Offers a flexible tool for cataloguing cultural heritage
  • Promotes the creation of archive networks to unlock the value of collections
  • Creates digital portals to encourage access and use of stored data