Heritage Landscapes vol.6

Welcome to Heritage Landscapes, the new newsletter from Promemoria Group created to observe the contemporary heritage panorama. Twice a month we will share the most interesting news and the most innovative projects, investigating those archival stories that turn an object, a brand or an insight, into a legend.

Between architecture, design, fashion, food, technology. With no limit to our curiosity.

1. Main Theme

British & Exotic Mineralogy
Is it possible to include 718 illustrated plates of minerals and stones from 7 volumes from the early 1800s in one site? Yes. And clicking on each illustration is like ending up on a page of these books.
American designer Nicholas Rougeux is world-renowned for his designs, which always start with historical books and collections, then are adapted and translated into user-friendly, vivid, and highly aesthetic websites. The British and Exotic Mineralogy site includes illustrations of different types of rocks inside and outside the British borders by British mineralogist and illustrator James Sowerby.

Inside Chanel is a mini-site divided into three sections: a chronological one, one where the figure of the founder is explored in depth, and one made up of carefully curated videos. 32 short chapters celebrate the life and insights of Coco and the Fashion Maison, recounting her relationship with Venice, Paris, love, literature, cinema, dance, colors, and camellias.
A navigable table where stones, divided by color shades and characteristics, are arranged in different sizes. Clicking on each one takes you into the original pages of the volumes, allowing you to peek inside the scientific knowledge of the 1800s. There is also an in-depth feature that explains in detail the creation of the work, the processes and the months of work it required.

2. Avvistamenti. Traces of projects to keep an eye on

a. An exhibition on the empire of dreams: The Walt Disney
On October 16, 2023, Walt Disney turned 100 years old, celebrated in an exhibition curated by Disney Archives Director Becky Cline. The exhibition began its journey from Philadelphia and Munich, and is currently on view in London and Chicago, ending in Kansas City in May 2024. On view are more than 250 archival pieces, including memorabilia, never-before-seen documents, costumes, treasured goodies, and ten immersive, interactive galleries.
b. "You Press the Button, We Do the Rest" - From Kodak No.1 to color photography
Patent No. 3888,850 filed in New York State by George Eastman is the one that begins a revolution that will give everyone access to photography: the first Kodak.
SCALA ARCHIVES - which is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of color photography-in 2023 for their 70th anniversary, they have reconstructed the history of color photography starting with this small, but huge, revolution.
c. "Sometimes, the most unassuming things can unlock powerful memories." Diary, Laguna~B's newsletter
Rummaging through your office drawers, you may discover an old polaroid that can bring a story to life. That's what happens on Diary: a well-edited newsletter, beautiful to read and made of many souls. It explores interviews with people close to the Venetian brand, photo editorials on limited-edition pieces, moments of everyday life, personal essays, and even a column on the most interesting stories from their archives.
Credits: Nicholas Rougeux e Gemological Institute of America; SCALA ARCHIVES, Kodak; Laguna~B

3. Memory Lane. Things that happen, and we want to remember

ARCHIVIO N°9 at the Fondation Azzedine Alaïa
On September 28, 2023, we presented ARCHIVE N°9 in Paris, guests of Fondation Azzedine Alaïa together with Guest Editor-in-Chief Stefano Tonchi, and Deputy Editor Marco Pecorari.

We dialogued with Gaspard de Massé, Head of Balenciaga's Heritage Department; Olivier Saillard, Director of Fondation Azzedine Alaïa; Emanuelle Beauvin, researcher and documentarian specializing in fashion and textiles at MAD Paris; Karine Bomel, Head of Archives at MAD Paris; and Laurent Cotta, Curator of the Arts and Graphics Collection at Palais Galliera Musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris.

It was a beautiful evening of great comparisons and sharing. A journey into fashion by following the paths and points of view that the archives show. Between public, brand, private.


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