Heritage Landscapes vol.5

Welcome to Heritage Landscapes, the new newsletter from Promemoria Group created to observe the contemporary heritage panorama. Twice a month we will share the most interesting news and the most innovative projects, investigating those archival stories that turn an object, a brand or an insight, into a legend.

Between architecture, design, fashion, food, technology. With no limit to our curiosity.

1. Main Theme

Inside Chanel
In 2012 Chanel begins the chaptered narrative of its history. Inside Chanel is a mini-site that spans the life of its rebellious founder Gabrielle Chanel - known as Coco - and transports us through Paris, love, dance, the birth of the No. 5 perfume, and other incredible stories.
"Gabrielle Chanel was born in Saumur, France, on August 19, 1883, under the sign of the lion."
After a very difficult childhood at the orphanage of Aubazine Abbey, as a girl she spent the day sewing and evenings singing in cabarets. In 1910 she opened a hat boutique in Paris, at 21 rue Cambon; and in 1918, about ten numbers further on, she opened her Fashion House.

Inside Chanel is a mini-site divided into three sections: a chronological one, one where the figure of the founder is explored in depth, and one made up of carefully curated videos. 32 short chapters celebrate the life and insights of Coco and the Fashion Maison, recounting her relationship with Venice, Paris, love, literature, cinema, dance, colors, and camellias.
The whole journey of a girl who spent her days sewing and sang in cabarets at night, where they nicknamed her Coco for the song, "Qui qu' a vu Coco dans le Trocadéro." Although she would always say that Coco was what her father called her.
The whole journey of a girl who later became Chanel.

2. Avvistamenti. Traces of projects to keep an eye on

a. 150 years of Levi's jeans, by to Fondazione Fiera Milano
FFM offers a quality peek inside the history of one of the most legendary and timeless garments. A narrative journey from the imagination of tailor Jacob William Davis to international acclaim. Between Grace Kelly, Doris Day, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Joe Strummer, between beatniks and hippies, between Vogue and the Times.
b. How to take over the world in 20 years: podcasts
Between Marco Polo and the arrival of porcelain in Europe, between technological inventions and the new espresso cream, here is the story of an icon, bearer of memories, aesthetics, culture and ideas. Through experimentation, games, flavors, and images, Lavazza recounts, in one of its editorial paths, the queen of coffee: “la tazzina”.
c. MUMAC Coffee Escape: intrigue at the museum
An escape room has appeared at MUMAC, Cimbali Group's Coffee Machine Museum, with 2 paths for 7 participants. One that lasts one and a half hours; and one that lasts two and a half hours. The goal of the escape room? Find out which coffee machine is in danger, discover the instigator and save the day. Going through, of course, the history of coffee and its machines.
Credits: Chanel; Fondazione Fiera Milano; (AP Photo/Raoul Fornezza) Il Post; MUMAC, Cimbali Group

3. Memory Lane. Things that happen, and we want to remember

Heritage and Cinema. Interview with Nicola Maccanico
How do cinema and heritage connect? We had some food for thought at Legend23, Strategies For Time Travelers, the first b2b event dedicated to heritage in Italy, conceived and organized by Promemoria Group. At Legend23 we interviewed Nicola Maccanico, CEO of Cinecittà, starting with a big question: what is the vision that drives a project as grand as an archive of all the sets produced and in production at Cinecittà? In search of a strategic vision capable of linking benefits, history and vision of the future.


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