Corporate Heritage


With the growth of the new knowledge economy, the know-how and information generated by companies are key resources that can be converted into assets.

Investing in intangible assets such as intellectual property, research & development, technology, software, and human capital can generate profit and leverage new potential for business growth. Promemoria offers strategies and original means to unlock the value of corporate heritage. Building first on a study of the tangible and intangible assets held by a business, the goal is to protect the company’s know-how by identifying and securing it within a Digital Caveau, where as knowledge assets they are safe and available for consultation and (re)use.

Our content-driven approach uses contents as a foundation for tailor-made solutions, with projects built around the company’s own heritage, independently of the context or the sector of reference.

Since 2011 we have worked on corporate heritage solutions for major brands in a wide range of industries, from fashion & luxury to manufacturing, to the food & beverage, services, and sports sectors.


Memories is the first-ever targeted method for tapping into and unlocking the value of the intellectual capital that corporate heritage represents. The objective of the method is to bring to the surface the intangible assets held by a company through the codification, classification, conservation, and enhancement of know-how and knowledge, transforming them into strategic business assets for all the various divisions of the company, from marketing & communications to F&A, legal affairs to R&D and real estate.


We guide companies and brands through each and every stage of the process of collecting, selecting, and transforming their physical archives into digital archives. The activation process involves a series of steps, which begin with the mapping and analysis of all the tangible and intangible assets held by the company. The content selected is then analysed by a team of specialists in order to be inventoried, classified, and described through the use of tags, metadata, and word lists tailored to each project. The output at this point of the process is a brand content architecture.

Using that architecture, relational maps are then constructed around the product, project or service chosen as the starting point for the exploration and preservation of the assets.

At the same time, another expert team works on the digital acquisition of the materials to transfer them to the safety of the Digital Caveau, a digital tool designed for the protection, rediscovery, and reactivation of the client’s tangible and intangible assets.


Reconstructing the history of a brand and its reputation calls for detective work and storytelling finesse in constructing a narrative that effectively conveys and consolidates corporate identity. Promemoria expertly builds on key milestones in a company’s history, such as anniversaries of its establishment, to craft projects that celebrate and promote heritage, including exhibitions, installations, corporate monographs, and other innovative narrative objects in written or audiovisual form to commemorate the history of a brand.


How can a company turn its history into a vector of innovation for the future?

An anniversary is never just an event. It is a special occasion to celebrate a company’s history and the fundamental values that have led it to where it is today and which will drive it into the future. From a company’s establishment through the major milestones it has reached, Promemoria adopts a strategic viewpoint and innovative approach to telling the story of the company’s leading and most innovative achievements, building original projects to underline the unique importance of those moments. Promemoria uses words, sounds, spaces, art, and performances to tell the stories cherished by memory and celebrate excellence. Because celebrating enterprises means celebrating excellence Made in Italy.


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A method for isolating the DNA of major international brands and professional, creative companies, to transform their history and know-how into a resource, an asset at the service of the brand, the company, and stakeholders. 


For institutions and foundations, museums and individuals, libraries and municipalities, Promemoria offers digital tools, specialist expertise, and its unique experience to organize and manage archives and unlock their full value. 


A method targeting passion assets, to piece together a complete picture of personal and family wealth for its efficient organization and management today and tomorrow.