Passing knowledge forward is, and has always been, the only way to give value to the past and enrich the future.


Promemoria helps enterprises convey the depth of their corporate image through their history and harness the power of their heritage as an innovative, strategic, and competitive driver. We guide corporations through every stage of the process of collecting, selecting, and transforming their physical archives into digital, offering a complete range of services and tailoring outsourcing projects to the needs of our clients.

Promemoria takes a three-stage approach to unlocking the potential of a historical archive:

  • Study and analysis of existing records;
  • Design of a pilot project (lasting, on average, one year), targeting either the overall organization of the archive or specific parts of it (such as select years or specific themes);
  • Creation of the corporate historical archive

This final stage of creating a digital archive is of major import today. Its inestimable value lies in the opportunity of unlocking access for all to a vast documentary corpus tracing the entire history of a company through our digital archival platform — an enterprise built and refined by years of work and the efforts of many different professionals. Today it has become a core asset for leading Italian organizations (such as Lavazza, Compagnia di San Paolo, Olivetti, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Vogue by Edizioni Condé Nast, and others) who have chosen our digital platform to host the historical archive of their brand.

Our facilities include a specialized laboratory for digitizing all types of material—documents and images (scanners and OCR software), audio and video tapes (digitization and file conversion), products and objects (2D and 3D photo acquisition) — by leveraging the potential of advanced technologies for data storage and innovative methods for describing and managing associated metadata.

Brand Heritage

Promemoria designs and develops heritage promotion solutions to reach out to the greater public and tell the story of a brand and its role in society by using an alternative perspective and a contemporary voice.


Every collection speaks from the heart. To capitalize on the history of a brand and consolidate corporate values and culture, Promemoria captures the most compelling and innovative stages of a company’s history and brings them together into a visual-historic narrative, telling a story of excellence. Because celebrating enterprises means celebrating excellence Made in Italy.

An event is never just an event. It is a special occasion to convey an emotion. Promemoria uses words, sounds, spaces, art, and performances to do just that, reaching into the depths of memory to bring out the emotions it stores.


To capture the inner nature of a brand means focusing on the products, development process, and the abstract, intangible assets that lie at the core of every enterprise, providing the elements of a unique story that help underpin its competitive advantage and lasting leadership.

Building on the experience acquired through the creation of Archivio Magazine, Promemoria offer new ways of accessing the treasures buried in the hidden memories of archives.

Archivio Magazine [external link]


Punctum is a point of intersection between contemporary art and the photographic archives of institutions and companies. Its key goal is to leverage the work of selected artists to unlock the potential of archives to be incubators of creativity and innovation. The approach takes its cue from Roland Barthes, who identified “punctum” as the ability of a photograph to touch us and elicit an instinctive, emotional reaction, “pricking” the observer and leaving a “lasting wound” in our memory. A specific curatorial project is developed for each archive, outlined on the basis of the following core steps:

  • selection of the photographic collections on which to work in partnership with the archive
  • identification of a group of contemporary artists whose work explores themes of relevance to the archive
  • organization of a series of workshops to help the artists discover the archive and express themselves
  • choice by each artists of one or more historical photographs from which to develop an original work
  • video and photographic documentation of the entire process
  • creation of an exhibition designed to tie the artists’ choices and works into the stories narrated by the archive’s photographic collections

For both the artists and the archive, the project is an opportunity for growth, promotion, and enrichment, as well as a new way of reaching a vaster public. The exploration of the past thus becomes a window on the present.

Punctum [external link]

Corporate digital archives are an investment in social and market visibility, through the development of new communication and marketing strategies and content strategies.

Digital archives give voice to a corporation’s historical development, creating a harmony between the materials that tell that story — photographs, correspondence, maps, sketches, fabrics, videos. The result is a multimedia story that celebrates and consolidates the corporate culture.
By designing and creating virtual tours, Promemoria connects the documents held by an archive to the history that produced and shaped them — a history made of people, places, and pivotal crossroads.


Promemoria produces narrative videos to give value, meaning, and weight to the history of a brand, uniting the inspiring power of images with the narrative force of oral testimony — all at the service of heritage.